The photo above shows one of the best twists in film history. When it was revealed that Norman Bates (Psycho) IS actually “mother”, the audience were all in shock. This is what a twist is…

In filmmaking, your film must always have a twist if you want to stand out. If you want people to remember your work, you should create a nice twist somewhere down the line. A twist is what makes your film crisp and interesting. You need the perfect twist in order to create the perfect film.

In this particular Short Film Ideas 101, we will be discussing how to create twists that are perfect for your film.

Twists for Horror Films

When it comes to short film ideas horror, brilliant twists are hard to formulate. Oftentimes, horror films involve ghosts and other supernatural creatures. So when trying to craft a twist in this kind of film, extra creativity is required. What path would you take? Will you try to angle the protagonist as the new ghost? Or will you reveal a new character in the end of the film?

If you can still remember Shutter (an Asian horror film), the final twist was that the ghost was still with the guy, until the very end. Her ghost is still wrapped around the back of the guy. Pretty creepy stuff! Everyone expected the whole “ghost” thing to end, but the twist was that the ghost never left the guy.

When it comes to great short film ideas, you just really need to stand out. Your twist should be something that hasn’t been done before. Especially when dealing with horror films, it’s extra difficult to come up with a twist so you should consider all factors before deciding on one.


Twists for Fantasy Films

Another short film idea that you might have is creating a Fantasy genre theme. Of course with the vast popularity of the Twilight saga, you must be thinking of creating something similar. Although the Fantasy genre is definitely not part of the low budget short film ideas because this particular kind of film will require you to spend a lot just on production value alone.

When crafting a twist for this particular genre, you have to think within the story. Since it’s playing around the fantasy world, you can’t afford to go over the edge because the film itself is already very diverse.

If you’ve seen Breaking Dawn Part 2, they were able to create the perfect twist for the film. People thought that everyone were really dying and at war – only to be revealed that it was just Alice’s vision and no one really died.

When making a twist for some of your short film ideas, you have to think about how the audience will be able to react to it. You can’t create another fantasy world within the fantasy world. How about going back to the real world instead? Just try something that your audience will not expect.

Creating the perfect twist will bring your short film ideas to greater heights. Just make sure that you don’t go way overboard. Keep the twist within the story and you will be able to impress a lot of people.

That’s it for today’s Short Film Ideas 101!

Whether you’re an aspiring film director or you’re just required to create a film for a class project, these short film ideas will be able to give you some interesting material to work on. With just enough imagination and effort, you will be able to turn these short film ideas to life.

For today’s Short Film Ideas 101 – we’ll be taking a look at one of the most famous subgenres of the Horror niche… The “Slasher” genre!

Slasher film is basically a type of film that often revolves around a deranged or psychopathic killer that kills multiple victims by the use of a knife, axe, or other sharp/dangerous objects. The slasher film is a very interesting type of film category which is very popular among teenagers and young adults. The excitement and thrill that a slasher film brings is unmatched by any other genre.

If you’ve seen Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho” (1960), then you will know exactly what this genre is all about. “Psycho” is widely regarded as the pioneer for slasher films. Featuring the awkward Norman Bates, this film was able to bring excitement, suspense, and a sense of mystery among its viewers. The famous “shower scene” is also one of the first appearances of the slasher genre as the “mother” in the film stabbed a woman with a knife inside the shower.

More recent slasher films are Friday the 13th, Scream, Wrong Turn etc. Watching these films can give you short film ideas that you can implement on your upcoming film. If you’re on a tight budget, then you can definitely work with low budget short film ideas such as this. You don’t really have to spend much in creating a slasher film. The only production items that you would need are fake blood, and maybe the killer’s costume – if you feel going down that path.

Here are some short film ideas suspense that you can come up with when making a slasher film:

1.)    Revenge – One of the most common short film ideas plot is revenge. Common – but always effective. You can try thinking outside the box here and deviate from the norm. Often times, when it comes to revenge plots, it’s a girl or a guy who wants to get revenge for whatever reason. How about this time, you create a twist… Make it appear that the girl/boy is doing all the killings when in fact it is the person’s mother or father who happens to be a psycho.


2.)    Psycho – Here’s one of the classic short film ideas in the slasher film genre. You can create a character that happens to be a psycho or someone with a serious mental disorder that is the motivating reason for all the killings. Make it discreet and do your best to hide your subject’s disorder from the beginning – only to reveal it in the end.


If you still need ideas for short film then drop by here every now and then to get some fresh short film ideas for your filmmaking class. Who knows – these ideas may be just what you need to create the next big thing in the slasher film genre!


How to become an actor? It’s a nice question and thought, when you think about it , who wouldn’t want to be in a spotlight , to be admired by millions, live in a big mansions and drive luxury cars. But first and foremost there is a lot of hard work involved and you have to be lucky at some point .Yes , lucky , like in any business luck is necessary . Some of the biggest actors we know , started in movie business even  they have never intended to be an actor.If you search online for Ray Liotta you will find interesting fact that he never wanted to become an actor.Liotta took some classes at his college just so he wouldn’t  go to math and history classes,and by his own words he hated it.

Yeah that’s funny but like they say God works in mysterious ways.  Ok so not to disappoint you there is still a good chance to be an actor if you really want to. And you don’t  need to be talented to become an actor.Yes I said that,and now you wonder why.No matter which profession you chose you can be successful only if you put great effort to master all the necessary skills to do so.They say if you spend 10.000 hours doing something that you’ll become expert in that field. So,although  its much easier to become an actor if you have talent you can still be one with hard work and dedication.

My advice for newbie’s is to first analyze other actors.You go to theatre and watch how some shows.Try to visualize your self in their “shoes”.Many things start form inside of us so if you want to be an actor,then you should start thinking like one.

Start attending some acting schools.That should give you some training and you will get some experience along the way.You shouldn’t stop there if you really want to succeed in acting business.You are aware that actors must have many skills. Singing ,dancing is some of the skills they have.Better you are and more skills you got , you have a better chance on passing some of the auditions and getting roles.But we will get to that later.

Invest in your looks.If you don’t go to gym,maybe you should think about starting that.Its a cruel world out there and we all know that the better you look better the chances are you will succeed .And great body will help you in some roles.You have to know that everyone wants to be associated with successful people,so if you act like one,you have a better chance of people doing you some favours.Like they say “fake It till you make it”.

Having an acting  or talent  agent is a must in this field of work because they have lots of contacts in industry and it can really help you get ahead much faster.You must be careful when choosing one,since there are lots of scammers out there who will just take your money away. Easiest way to find a scammer is trough internet so you really have to be careful  and search only trough reputable sites like and some other sites.If you followed my earlier steps you should already know some people in industry so you should ask them to recommend you an talent agent or an agencie.

Networking is crucial in any business especially acting.Go out in a places where actors and directors hang out and meet some of them.More people you know the better chances you have to make it in this business.

I hope this short article will help you find your way in acting world and steps will help you become an actor.

Everyone is trying to get an short film ideas but before that there are some things you need to prepare first.Beauty with short film is that you dont have to be professional to do one,you dont have to have expensive equipment , as you can see youtube is full of short films that are made by amateurs just like you and me.Nowdays all you have to have is mobile phone and great idea,or if youre good in some computer programs you can just make animated movie like pixar short films.

Pixar short film

If youre just getting started you should visit film forums,talk to some people over there,they can give you valuable pointers on how you should proceed and you can get valuable advice.Dont be shy to ask if you dont know something but my advice is to always first google to find your anwers before asking in forums.People dont like to be asked and to answer quastions that you can easily find for yourself using google.And of course,you should build your reputation,by helping other members of forum on subjects you know something about.
Most people that are into short films are looking to make their videos viral on youtbe,vimeo and other video sharing sites.Some are even making good money with it as they apply for some rewards programs that these websites have.
When preparing to make a short film first thing you should do is make a script.That does not have to be profesionaly written,but it will help you find your way and by doing so you will know excatly what to do once you start shoting.

What does it take to make short film go viral ?

Well to tell you the truth,no one knows.Sometimes people spend months preparing their films and they end up having couple of hondred views on youtube,but at the same time,some local kinds make some film out of joke and end up having milions of views.But my view on this is that its always better to be prepared.Have your mindset like youre going on Sundance Film Festival with your film..
We can always guess what type of videos can go viral.Some of those are:

-Scary short films ( just recently i saw elevator prank that got over 30 million views on youtube)
-Animated films
-And yes why not just go with silent film in black and white , type of films we saw from days of Charlie Chaplin.

Find your ideas for a short film anywhere around you , maybe something you did today can be turned into a great short film you just don’t even realize that.
Hope this article will help some of you make great short film,I just hope I will see you on some of those film festivals, but hey who knows maybe even at Oscars.

How to be an actor has been a question asked trough the decades, from people who have a passion for acting or have seen the talent in their sons or daughters. The following are some of the factors that tend to attract people to acting; they loved acting when one was a kid, it is a fantasy career,to make money while getting celebrity status in the process and finally being drawn to be like another famous actor. The unique thing about an acting career is the fact that it does not depend on stage or age but simply the degree of intensity which is exuded. The best actors are born, their talent identified and developed with proper coaching. The secret behind how to be an actor lies in the following personal traits.

The first personal trait is the ability to concentrate. The best actors and actresses can testify to this fact that concentration is crucial when playing a certain character. To get into a specific character requires time and effort. If an actor or actress allows minor distractions to get to him or her, the character they are supposed to act will not seem believable or real.

The other personal trait that helps one on how to become an actor is the ability to learn. Acting is compounded around one’s ability to learn each character one plays. Additionally, it requires one to be a good listener as to get a feel of different characters when interacting with people.

Being an excellent communicator will help you reach great heights as an actor. An actor must be able to communicate to his or her audience through actions and words. It is a necessity for an actor or actress to react and communicate to other people’s actions. Therefore, sharpening one’s skill in communication will be of great importance in your acting career.

Discipline is the other personal trait that a successful actor should have. Despite the information surrounding the lifestyles of most successful actors and actresses, the capability to be disciplined is the root of their success. Actors and actresses have routines that need to be followed successfully throughout production periods. If there is any deviation, the outcome will dramatically change. In order for an actor or actress to stay in character both emotionally and physically, discipline is required.

For you to make a name for yourself in acting, it is of great importance to be able to convey emotion impulsively and freely, through actions and voice. If one masters this trait, then he or she will be able to interact effectively with his or her audience. If the audience is able to relate with your character role, then you will have conquered the acting world.

The last personal trait that answers the question of how to be an actor is the actor’s ability to remember small details and have a vivid imagination. This will help you add more excitement to your character. Additionally, it is beneficial to you if you are flexible to act diverse characters.

All these personal traits are the answers on how to be an actor.

Creating a short film is often harder than making a feature film because you will be faced with a tight budget and a very compressed story. However, just because you are dealing with a shorter story does not mean that you don’t have to follow any structure. No matter how short your film is, it is crucial that you still have a good story to tell. Whether you have the latest RED Epic or you only have a cellular phone, there is still a way for you to make a great short film. With these 3 tips, you will be able to come up with great short film ideas for your next project.

Always Keep A Notebook With You

The best writers and film directors are great at analyzing everything that they see in their life. Wherever you are, there is always a story being told and it is up to you to keep your eyes and ears open. With your notebook, you will be able to write your random ideas down and it is much better than just typing it into your smart phone. By writing these ideas down, you are also able to see the evolution of your story because of all the crossing out and editing that you will be doing on paper.

Write What You Know About

When creating a film, it is always best to create a story that you can relate to. It does not necessarily have to be an autobiography but it is best that you know what you are taking about. This will allow you to connect with your audience and this can help you make a short film that you will also love.

Make The Short Film For Yourself

Before anyone will enjoy your short film, you must first love it yourself. This is why it is important that you write a story that you can relate to because you will be the very first audience of your film. If you are not impressed with your film, then no one else will appreciate your work. Learn how to make a film for yourself and your audience will come very soon.

There Are No Bad Short Film Ideas

When it comes to short film ideas, there really is nothing that you can’t touch on. Short films are meant to be your experimental stage before you start to make feature films. This means that you should go crazy with your short film ideas and create the ones that people have never seen. Though it is a good idea to get inspiration from other films, it is best to dig deep and find your inspiration from your own life.

The most important factor that will determine your short film is how you execute your short film idea. You need to have a solid script and actors that are willing to help create this story for you. No matter how good your short film ideas might be, it is crucial that you have a cast and crew that will share this idea with you

From the very beginning of motion pictures, starting with Slavko Vorkapich, film director and theoretician, Jean Cocteau, poet and filmmaker over Marcel Duchamp and his “anemic cinema” to Roman Polanski’s first works (The Lamp, Mammals, Two Men and a Wardrobe), Albert Lamorisse’s Oscar winning fantasy Red Balloon to David Lynch and Jim Jarmusch’s Coffee and cigarettes (full-length movie made of short films), importance of short motion pictures isn’t just obvious, but fundamental. There are two radical and opposite ways to make a short film: script-based short film and extremely experimental – cinematic – method: “pure film”.

Roman Polanski

“Pure cinema” is excitement that can be produced without the “personality” and that means: no theater or storytelling elements. Film that is far away from literature, far away from theatre resources. Poetry. Impression. Although, this theory, elaborated originally by Germain Dulac and Abel Gance (La Nouvelle Revue Française, 1915), and later by Francois Truffaut and Jean-Luc Godard seems to be old, now days, it’s quite opposite – especially if we discuss experimental documentary genre.
Experience of one student, filmmaker from Prague (FAMU) is whole narrative about making “pure cinema”, pure cinematic motion picture. He said that he has found beautiful town on island on the Mediterranean sea (somewhere in Croatia). Town was almost empty. Only sun, sea, odd and old people and sound of silence, dark as mystery, as he said. He was there during the winter time. In short, this is his story: “Right after my arrival to Korcula, I was blinded by that beauty. Nature. People. Metaphysics. I had so many ideas but I knew it was impossible to make anything at that time. I want to make something now, I thought. That is how I felt. I phoned my cameraman, good friend of mine, but I didn’t tell him anything about my impressions. I knew, his camera is always with him. He was surprised when I told him that we are going to make film without screenplay. We started next day without book of shooting, schedule or anything else. We were looking for pure impression: close-ups of rough, hardworking people faces. Contrast. Beautiful sea and sky on that particular Mediterranean island. Well, as I said, we had only one camera. We were shooting for only six days with digital camera and we came back to Prague with nearly 20 hours of raw material. When I told my editor that we are going to make a short film from 20 hours of raw material, he laughed. He thought that I am joking. Of course in that time he didn’t know that I don’t have screenplay. So, when I told him that I don’t have single page of script, or even a note, he didn’t laugh anymore. After couple of days of persuading, he agreed to be a part of this unusual project. We were editing my film for almost two months. We made successful short movie – only 7 minutes long about a man who cleans empty streets.” (Student Filmmaker, January 2009.)
Jorge Luis Borges, famous Argentinian poet, short-story and screenplay writer, who was influenced not only by writers (film director Josef von Sternbergever) never wrote a single paragraph of a novel (fat books if you ask Borges), but he wrote more then ten books of extraordinary fiction (A Universal History of Infamy, The Aleph, Ficciones). True art, he claimed, is to write a short story, rather than to write (produce) complicated novel with – as he said about Tolstoy – hundred characters. Economy and metaphor instead of explanation, explication; surrealism instead of realism.
Can we say same thing about short and full-length movies? Of course, some of us may disagree with this observation, but why Bertolucci’s Novecento isn’t masterpiece? Perhaps, because it lasts for nearly six hours?
Script-based short movie is a great opportunity for young authors – and not only for them – to experiment. Script-based short movie is also very suitable for screenplay based upon character. In one-minute short film you can produce serious joke with strong political effect. In three minutes movie picture you can tell whole childhood story. In fifteen minutes you can make movie in one-shot about an old man. And in twenty nine minutes you can tell love-story. Also, there are so many genres and sub-genres that you can, as author, explore: cinematic-essay, grotesque, fantastique, cinematic-etude, film-bagatelle etc.
And, never forget: short movie LIVES on the screens of the SHORT FILM FESTIVALS.

Most aspiring filmmakers will admit that their road to success will start out in a short film contest. There are thousands of festivals that will accept all types of short films and if you are looking to produce your very own short film, you should be excited to know that there is an audience for your creation. However, making a short film can be harder than actually making a feature film because you will most likely be on a budget and compressing a story into a 5-20 minute film is definitely a challenge. Here are several tips that you can use for your next short film contest.

Don’t Fret About Your Camera

Don’t worry so much about having the best camera out there. Remember that there will always be a “better” camera and so you can rarely be satisfied. Instead of worrying about having the best camera, you should simply worry about the sound. Most audiences can tolerate low quality images but a film with bad audio will certainly lose an audience almost instantly.

Know Your Structure

Creating a good story is the backbone of your film. Every scene must help drive the story and if it doesn’t, then it is best to just take it out. Since you want your film to be as short as possible, then you need to assess how you will be telling your story. Whether it is non-linear or an experimental film, it is crucial that you know the structure of your story. Since it is a short film, you will have more freedom with the overall story but it is important that you don’t overdo it. Remember that the best short films will focus on one event in one person’s life that can relate to plenty of people.


Casting Is Crucial

Being a director or a filmmaker will also mean that you need to know how to cast your actors. No matter how good your directing is, it is your actors that the audience will be relating to. For your film to be any good, remember that you must figure out who your actors will be. Have a small audition date so that local actors will have the chance to audition for your short film. In order to win a short film contest, you must learn how to cast the right actors so that your film will be the best that it can be.

Beg, Borrow, or Steal

The last tip that you can use for your short film contest is to simply beg, borrow, or steal your equipment. Of course you shouldn’t really steal but you should do everything that you can to keep costs as low as possible. Since you will be buying food for the cast and crew, you need to understand that your budget is still limited.

Overall, if you want to make some noise at your next short film contest, then these are the tips that you need to follow so that your film will be liked by the judges.

Best professional video editing software program is a serious tool for video editors.   Free software for editing will work for the beginners and for occasional course it will work out for the video editors at home.  But if you want to move to the next step, then use best professional video editing software programs.

Editing provides different experience, in such away the editor’s usage varies dramatically.  Most of the professionals in this field offer the editor with more choices to perform the simple task. Some of the editors use the keyboard whereas the others use the mouse for editing purpose.  As the options are available in more number it is easy for the editors to perform the job easily.

simple video editing software

Simple video editing software provides less facilities and the options compare to the professional software.  Use the simple editing software at initial stage and later on move to complex procedure with new tools.

Professional software for the editing purpose will enhance your editing ability in faster and easiest manner. You can use the mouse click instead of ten key strokes to finish a job in best manner. Best program will require more time for creative editing.

If you are about to download easy video editing software this time, it is suggested to spend some amount of time  in a chat room  by asking more information or details about the different usages that you require from the software. This will help you to select the best software that will satisfy your needs and the requirements.

Right software will help you to edit your task more effectively and creatively.  This software will open the multiple doors; natural tendency will help you to explore new areas. At the end stage these software programs will expand your creativity and it is the easiest way to use the explore options.

Download free editing software

At present most of the aspiring youngsters were trying to be part in elite society and in film making industry. Art plays basic role in the movie industry. The outcome of most of the movies is largely based on the script writer’s imagination. On the other side flow of the scenes in the entire movie depends on the creativity of director. Actor and the actress give their best in order to provide justice for the whole idea or thought of the movie.

On the other side another important factor is production of successful and beautiful film that is applicable only with the help of editing software where it is easy to download free editing software through the online.

Movie will appear in dull and smoggy without different effects.  Transaction of the film is totally based on film editing. If you wish to make you film successful you must learn about the usages of different software programs in editing. It is easy to learn that software.  The main requirement in usage of this software is innovation, resourceful and the creativity while editing the film.

All the movie industries were thankful to the video editing software programs. As it plays the major role for making a movie. It is easy to take risky shots without providing the safety to the actor at the time of film production with the help of this software.

It is easy to produce a movie on your own with the help of this software program. Best advantage is the availability of software at free of cost. It is easy to download and use the software at any time. It does not cost any amount while downloading with the help of internet.

HD video editing software is now available for editing the videos. It is tedious task to edit the HD video files. Even the high definition camcorder creates some problem. It is better to purchase the camcorder that supports the AVCHD files, as this AVCHD creates more troubles. It may occur due to some of the software versions.

If your planning to make videos at  instance, you can even purchase the other high definition supporting formats  like HDCAM, HDCAM-SR, HD and  the bluer ray. Before you purchase HD video editing software check whether it supports the above mentioned software programs.  You may become as movie marker. To become as professional person you need a strong foundation in editing that requires good software.

easy video editing software

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